Saturday, September 17, 2016

Angel Dress Form

Howdy everyone!  Early this week I received this Angel Kit from CWD created by the store owner, Mai Larsen.  This is an exclusive kit and Mai also included 7 complete tutorials of how to create this angel.  Due to this being a private exclusive kit, I can not share how I created this beauty.
However; I can share pictures.  Mai included so many appliques, laces, pearls, trims, laces, ribbons just to name a few.  I did use some laces and fabric from my own stash and also my Mom's necklace and brooch.

I added a crown that I purchased from CWD awhile ago.  Much of the bodice is covered with wedding gown appliques. Mai created the wings that have wire inside of them and I decorated them.

Above is a view of the back of her wings. Below is a view of the back of her dress without her wings.

This angel is totally gorgeous and I truly enjoyed creating her.

That is a front view without the wings.

 My Mom wore this pearl necklace  very often.  Below is a view of the lower portion of her gown.
Now a bag for angel dust! 
Some pretty coffee dyed appliques are added.
Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you are inspired to Craft something!!!!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Customized Pullip Doll Named Nadia

Howdy all!   I just completed my newest customized Pullip doll.   I used a MIO kit and a wig that I got on Ebay all the way from Japan.   In all honesty she is my favorite doll thus far!

I made her dress using a Simplicity Pattern J0437.  I scanned the pattern pieces and resized it smaller for a perfect fit!  The dress was originally short but I found some lace that was irresistible to add! Added a few appliques, gems and pearls to complete this beauty!

I found a corner of a garment that I cut to make a shawl.  Next thing I added it to her hair for a scarf . Next thing I know I started to make a flower. When it was completed I wanted it to look vintage so I dipped it into  instant black coffee for a perfect look!

I got this wig on Ebay from lalahome0418.   I totally love the quality of this wig.  It is super soft and it was very long.  I had to cut 1 1/2 off the length plus her bangs needed trimmed too.  I did notice that her wig cap was a lighter color so I touched it up with a Copic marker the same color as her hair.

I made my very first pair of tights and I found the pattern and tutorial on You Tube from TheEternalSnowKiss.  Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial and pattern.  These tights were so easy to sew!!!!  The shoes were once a funky red color that I painted with Krylon spray paint.   Some tiny handmade bows and flat back pearls make a nice pair of shoes.

No girl is complete with out a handbag so I made her one plus a heart shaped pillow!! 

I wanted to share her face up with you!  I used Chalk Pastels and water color pencils on her face.  I used acrylic paints and glitter for her eyes.  

Thank you all for stopping by.  I'm sorry I've been MIA most of the summer.  Hopefully my MOJO is here to stay!!!  God Bless you all and Happy Crafting!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Flowers and Bows with Deco Fun Bowmaker

Deco Fun Bow Maker With Extra Rods Part 1

Howdy all.  I was inspired by Michelle Pipeling the Ambassador of the Deco Fun Bow Maker on her You Tube Channel.  (Click on her name for the direct link).    I saw that more rods are available for the Deco Fun Bow Maker and I did not hesitate to put my order in! 

I made the large bow using four additional rods or a total of six rods! You have to see my You Tube tutorial to see how easy this was made as well as all of the other flowers and bows that are pictured above.
I also made all of the rosette flowers and additional rosette layers with my  Deco Fun Bow maker. 

A layered lace bow

and additional bows!

All  of the major ribbons and lace ribbons are from England and sold by Deco Fun Bow Maker.  I was gifted these ribbons, satin fabric pieces and lace ribbons by Deco Fun Bow Maker.  Thank you so much!!  I love your products and highly recommend!!!   Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Customized Pullip Katamo

Howdy all!  Hope all is well with you.  I just finished my newest customized Pullip doll and I named her Katomo!  Her name is  a mix of my hubby's deceased parents, Katie and Tomo. 

When I first started her make up I was thinking she could be an angel.    Then I saw a wig on Ebay that I thought was white but when it arrived it was blonde.  So a little change  in plans.  
I used Pebeo Fantasy Moon paints on her eye chips.  Her eyes are a deep blue and her eye lids are a shimmery pink.  After putting her all together then applying her wig I thought of what on earth will I make for her outfit????  I have several patterns but then saw a You Tube Tutorial by The EternalSnowKiss   They even offer a free pattern so I gave this a try. ( The fabric at the bottom of her dress was gifted to me by Michelle Pipeling.  Thanks Michelle!! ) The fit was perfect and so easy to make.  Once I got the dress all sewed it was time to add embellishments!  Now that's where the fun is!!!!  
After decorating her dress I knew she needed a head dress!
Many layers of pure gorgeous goodies here and the blue flowers are custom colored with Glimmer Mist sprays.
Of course she has a lace underskirt!    I tacked it in 4 places to her skirt for a scalloped look. She wants you to see her shoes.
These are also custom painted and then I applied little bows.  They are actually high heeled boots.
This is the back view of her dress.  
Her umbrella was a gift from the owner of   It was white and I also used glimmer mist to add some color.
Just a closer view of her dress.
I hope you are inspired to try to make you own Pullip doll.  
 Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Shabby Wreath

Howdy all!   Wow it's been a hot summer and I finally got some mojo this week.  This project starts with a Styrofoam ring I purchased at the Dollar Tree.   Immediately I'm thinking of making some kind of wreath.   Well the ring sat in my craft room for a week.
 The other day I had to go into town for groceries and as always I had to check out Michaels for any good deals.   Well I was surprised of a change in the products in the store.   Lots of variety especially for Shabby Chic.   They were selling small banners and also strips of fabrics and laces but I would say they were  expensive.  I got the light bulb moment that I have all of that at home and that's what I'll do with the Styrofoam ring.  First of all I had an old fitted sheet that I cut the elastic off around the edge and then shredded some long strips.  Next I coffee dyed all of my strips including the elastic edging.  I knew I would wrap that elastic edging around the ring then realized I should of left some extra fabric with the elastic.  Live and Learn!!!
After I painted the green ring, I then wrapped it. Next I cut strips of various laces and fabrics that I could tie around the ring. 
All of the flowers are what I have made in the past that sure came in handy!  A little bling and pearls brought them to life!
The angel is  an old Christmas ornament that was gold.  White chalk paint sure added the finishing touch!
When I started this project I had no idea what I actually was going to do other than wrap that ring with fabric.  I am over the moon with the final wreath!
Thanks  for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!!!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Customized Officer Pullip Doll

Howdy Everyone!  I'm so excited to show you my newest customized Pullip Doll.  She is made from the Make It your Own Tan Pullip kit.  Kits are available  at Pullip style or JPGroove.  I purchased her wig at JPGroove
Her officer uniform is from Mike, the owner of Pullipstyle.   My first couple of orders were rather large and he sent me three Pullip outfits as a gift.  Thank You so Much Mike!!!   Using a ready made outfit sure made making this doll really easy.
I used Pan Pastels and Prisma colored pencils for her make up.  Her eye chips are done with Fantasy Prisme Paints.  Her eye lids are done with acrylic metallic paints.
Her wig was so easy to apply and it is just beautiful. 
Officer Pullip is so happy that you stopped by and so am I!!  Have a Happy Crafting Weekend!