Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Card Part two

Book Card Part One

Howdy all!  Many years ago I made one of these Book Cards and was inspired by posted September 17, 2011.  The measurements are in centimeters however; a friend of mine gave me her measurements in inches. So I gave it another try using many trims and laces from

Above you will see two different boxes.   I made the red one first, however; my tutorial failed to upload from my camera so I had to do another tutorial.  So I made a pink toned one!
Side views of each.   My video will show you the products that I used on the pink box.
All of the trims and laces on the red box are from CWD except for the red trims.
I made an angel ornament that adheres to the box card via small magnet.  I made her from a clothes pin that I cut in half.  All clothing and wings are from CWD.  The small embellishments are from my stash.  Here are a few links for some of the trims if they are still available"
White Venise Flower Edge:
I placed chocolates inside both boxes.  You can put whatever you like inside the one inch deep box side.
Of course I decorated both boxes on the backsides!   Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are inspired to craft something!!!   Happy Crafting!!!   God Bless you all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Altered Sleigh Part Two

Altered Sleigh Part One

Howdy all!  Today I will share with you how I altered a sleigh that I found in Wal Mart. 
Below is the finished sleigh.
I bet you're curious what it looked like before.   Well here it  was
I knew immediately when I saw this on the shelf in the store that this could be another DT project for  CDW.
Above is my You tube tutorial how I transformed this  sleigh.  Sorry I had to make the video in two parts because this was a very lengthy process. 
This view shows the following trims that I used:
White Scallop Dot
The white fringe trim is from CWD but not available at this time. The pearl dangle trim is from Hobby Lobby.  I know it is hard to see but I did use these trims also:
I also used trim from CWD on the blanket that must be out of stock at this time.  So sorry. 
This is the backside of the blanket.
I hope you are inspired to altered something!   Happy Crafting.   Be sure to shop at CWD and use my Discount code:  Cathy10
and get 10% off your order of $25 or more!!  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pennant Banner

Pullip Angel Dress

Howdy Everyone!   Wow I can finally show you one of my DT projects for     Here is my brand new customized  Pullip Angel Doll!!


 As many of you know the former owner, Mai Larsen, sold her store to Chari Dollar.   I want to Welcome Chari and wish her nothing but the best with her new adventure with CWD.  I also wish nothing but the best to Mai in her new adventures with going back to school! 

Many of the products that I used are from CWD.  Here are a few links:
 Bottom dress shear embroidered lace:
Bodice and sleeves:
Below bodice trim:
Of course I made her pantaloons and found some awesome shoes that I altered
I love the fairy wings on the back of the boots!!
She is a beauty!!!
Now a more simple look:
Please watch my tutorial to see exactly how I created this angel!  Also be sure to shop at CWD ad use my Discount code:  Cathy10
and get 10% off your purchase of $25 or more!  Happy Crafting!

DT kit from CWD